06/23/2017 Hallohallo Inc. to conceptualize the first Japan-themed commercial complex in the Philippines

Hallohallo Inc. has entered an agreement with the JV company of Mitsubishi Corp. and Ayala Land (of the Ayala Group, the largest financial conglomerate in the Philippines) to develop a commercial complex with Japan as the main concept.

The JV company will mainly provide the shop spaces, while Hallohallo will propose the theme, concept, design, and plan of the commercial area in cooperation with digital creative firm teamLab.

Japanese cuisine, animation, and other contents originating from Japan have been booming in the Philippines as of late. Under the project, Hallohallo will serve as the contact point in inviting tenants from Japan, while the member stores of the franchise chain of retailers and restaurants that it handles will consider opening their own shops as tenants in the new complex.

The project is being developed on the rooftop of Glorietta (a commercial complex operated by Ayala Land) that is located in Makati City, the heart of business and commerce in Metro Manila. Housing restaurants and shops (with a total area of approximately 2,500 sq.m.) with Japan as concept, this complex is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of this year. It is projected that 850,000 customers will visit the shops per annum.

Hallohallo is also planning to propose new themes, concepts and plans to sites other than the commercial area in Glorietta.

The main features of the commercial center are as follows.

Entertainment Complex

It will be an entertainment complex that will possess two faces: “Day” and “Night.” teamLab Inc. which will take charge in providing customers a wide array of new experiences—from shows, dining, and shopping, up to digital technology.


The floor to be run by teamLab Inc. will be a facility for musical events that fuse lights and sounds at night, which transforms into an an entertainment complex for children during the day. Shows and performances are slated to be held within this facility. There will also be restaurants where customers will get to enjoy authentic drinks and Japanese dishes. And after they have enjoyed the digital world of lights and sounds, children and adults alike can go shopping at the stores in this complex.

MNL48, the Philippine version of AKB48, will perform there twice a week.


Character goods and Japanese products that excel in originality and quality and have not yet been sold overseas will be carefully selected and sold in cooperation withanimate and @cosme.