02/11/2018 MNL48 announces week 2’s top ranking aspirants

After a week of training and campaigning, another batch of aspirants who made it to this week’s Top 10 were announced last Saturday, February 10, on ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime.

This week, a new face was added to the roster of Top 10 girls where Abby joined the group and Eunice moved up from last week’s Top 6 to Top 1. Moreover, week 2 top rankers proved that they deserve to be on their spots by showing off their dancing skills as they performed another OPM classic song, “Mr. Kupido”.

Here are the girls who captured the hearts of the supporters according to their ranking:

Meanwhile, last week’s MNL48 Online Update episodes dug deeper into the emotions of our hopefuls as they reminisced their childhood days by looking back at some of their most adorable photos. Next week, find out what makes your Oshi standout by tuning in to MNL48 every day, 6PM on its official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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