02/23/2018 Hallo Hallo Job ties-up with Quezon City Polytechnic University for college job fair

Graduating students from Quezon City Polytechnic University (QCPU) are keen in applying at Hallo Hallo Job and its partner companies during their annual career fair on February 22, 2018.

Every year, QCPU has been conducting job fairs for its graduating students under the supervision of Career Fair Expo Officer, Ymman Garcia. Over 2,000 students will be finishing this year with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Industrial Engineering, and Information Technology, and Garcia is confident that their graduates are equipped with the right skills and attitude that will surpass the university’s expectations for them.

In line with the University’s theme “The Good Life Starts Here”, he said that “our students are very bright and competitive in their field of specialization. They obtain such pride and great attitude with good spirit, and they know exactly how and what they are doing.”

Thirty-six exhibitors joined the one-day job fair at QCPU, including Hallo Hallo Job and its partner companies Klassic Manufacturing, Infinit-O Global Limited, Olympic Village Enterprises Inc., Cathay Land Inc., and Outsourced Quality Assured Services which are looking for passionate and young minds to join their team.

However, upon registration on Hallo Hallo Job’s website, most of IT students showed interest in joining Hallohallo Inc. as graphic designers and Circus International Philippines Inc. as programmers once they march in April.

“We teach our students to become more aggressive in their chosen field, not just to become an employee. We teach our students to become more employers someday,” Garcia added an alumnus and former head of the Admission Office of the university as well.

Quezon City Polytechnic University is one of the many schools that have tied up with Hallo Hallo Job this year.