03/22/2018 Hallo Hallo Job eager in joining career events

Hallo Hallo Job (HHJ) presents new job vacancies from Hallohallo Inc. (HHI), Circus International, Hallohallo Entertainment Inc., and its affiliates as they took part in JobQuest’s two-day employment event together with over 50 other companies at Megatrade Hall, Megamall on March 20-21, 2018.

Most of the job seekers are applying for programmer in Circus International, where some of the qualifications include a graduate of Information Technology or Computer Science who is able to write a clear designed code, develop and improve websites, and possessing a skill in php 5, and JavaScript CSS 2/3.

HHJ has been continuously showing eagerness in joining job fairs by different organizers every month. These past few weeks, the company started focusing in career fairs arranged by colleges and universities all over Metro Manila to support their students in job hunting after their graduation.

Although the campus tour began last year, it started occurring continuously this February. Now, HHJ has already visited eight schools in just a month; and is looking forward to see more of these campus career fairs in the coming weeks.

Visit HHJ website (http://job.hallohallo.com/) and Facebook page (HalloHalloJob) to discover our job openings and postings; submit your application and get hired!