04/05/2018 Philippine Daily Inquirer holds Job Market Caravan at University of Makati

Hallo Hallo Job joins Philippine Daily Inquirer’s career expo together with 23 other companies at University of Makati on April 4, 2018 to contribute in helping the students find a job right away after their graduation and to find the quality candidates they can hire.

University of Makati aims to mold highly competent professionals and skilled workers from Makati residents while inculcating in them good moral, values and desirable personality through their offered courses and degrees.

The university also envisions being the primary instrument where university education and industry training programs interface to lead the youth into productive citizens and IT-enabled professionals who are exposed to the cutting edge of technology in their areas of specialization.

According to Mr. Jose Gil Pineda, Human Resource Manager of Philippine Daily Inquirer, they are focusing in campus fairs right now but they also have commercial job fairs alongside. The broadsheet also offers job vacancies to look for potential individuals to join their growing team.

“For schools, we try to match it with their requirements. If we go to technical schools, mostly we try to invite technical, engineering companies. But with universities with different courses, we advertise it to our partner companies then sila yung pumipili kung saang campus nila gusto mag-join.”

“As much as possible, try to identify first your personal goal and then match it with the company which you can see you can be happy in,” Mr. Pineda advices the students.