09/21/2017 Hallohallo Inc. Join Hands with DOT and TPB to Boost Philippine Tourism to Japanese Market

Aiming to continuously promote Philippine's destinations and attractions locally and in other countries,Hallohallo Inc.(HHI) join forces with the Department of Tourism (DOT), particularly with its marketing arm Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) to strengthen and boost the county's tourism industry, primarily to Japanese market using the department's popular slogan, "It's More Fun in the Philippines".

As one of the newest partners of the government arm, HHI hopes to increase the number of Japanese visitors in the country by supporting and promoting DOT/TBP's monthly campaigns, festivals, activities and events through HHI's subsidiary Hallo Hallo Town (HHT).

HHT is the biggest indexing site in Philippines, partnering with different Local Government Units and tourist-attracting establishments and services to create a one-stop portal to various places and hangouts in the country. Through this website, HHT's social media and other media outlets, HHI and DOT/TBP can showcase the country's breath-taking destinations to its outstanding increasing members.

Moreover, HHI will also utilize it's travel guide magazine "Lani Lani", which is being distributed in Japan,as an additional effective promotional platform for DOT/TBP as our affiliate.

DOT/TPB is a government agency responsible to develop and promote the country as a tourist destination and with the said partnership, HHI as well as HHT, will be able broaden its reach and signed more LGU partners and establishments in the near future.