10/05/2018 MNL48 proves that they can sing live on Wish 107.5 img1.jpg

On October 4, 2018, MNL48 proved once again that they are more than just pretty faces as they showcased their angelic vocals during their live guesting on Wish 107.5. Known for their all-out sing and dance peformances, Senbatsu members Sheki, Sela, Alice, Gabb, Faith, and Alyssa visited the Wish Bus for the first time to sing their debut single “Aitakatta - Gustong Makita” and “Talulot ng Sakura” for a special live performances.

Their Wish 107.5 guesting is part of the group’s radio tour to promote their debut album - out now digitally on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon while physical copies can be pre-odered at Hallo Hallo Mall set to be released this October.

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