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The first Coslandia event presented by Movie Stars Cafe in celebration of this year’s Halloween was a success not only among cosplayers who participated in the activities but as well as to hundreds of cosplay fans who attended the event held at Eton Centris Walk and Movie Stars Cafe in Quezon City on October 31.


The much-anticipated Coslandia 2018 was packed with activities for all attendees from e-sports, Cosplay Costume contests, special performances from J-pop inspired idol groups, meet and greet, and fun and exciting booths. The event started with the Maxbox Gaming where its star players talked about the world of e-sports and shared how their passion in gaming turned to be their full-time jobs today. A lively show from Movie Stars Café all-stars also wowed the audience with their performance of the popular Hollywood movie The Greatest Showman and the Japanese animated series Love Live.

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One of the highlights of the events was the performances from Alice Project, Pastel PH, Hime Kaizen, JAPH Dolls, Aidoru Sozai, Jewel and Friends, MNL48, Osaki7, Yeah Bye, and Fudorakko. MNL48 performed their songs Umindak na Saya and Aitakatta – Gustong Makita off their debut album which are all Tagalized version of AKB48’s famous hits.

Livestream of Shibuya Halloween straight from Tokyo via Skype, was also shown at Eton Centris Walk and Movie Stars Cafe where the crowd had a glimpse of the biggest Halloween street party in Japan.

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Meanwhile, the meet and greet with Cosplay contest judges Mayu, Leedane, and Ayu and Den of Yu-En was simultaneously being held at Movie Stars Cafe before the announcement of winners and other activities begin inside at the movie-themed cafe and restaurant.

Sofia Maningas and Nick Jardiolin, cosplayed Todoroki Shouto and Leo from Fire Emblem, won the 3rd place and took home Php 1,500 worth of cash and Php 1,500 worth of Movie Stars Café gift certificate. For the 2nd place, Brian Angelo Javier walked the stage in his Lord Grim costume and won Php 2,500 cash and Php 2,500 Movie Stars Café gift certificate. And the 1st place of Coslandia 2018 is Christian Umali dressed in his battlesuit as War Machine who took home Php 5,000 cash and Php 5,000 Movie Stars Café gift certificate.


After the fun activities held at Eton Centris Walk, the day was not yet over as Coslandia 2018 continued inside the Movie Stars Café where attendees were treated to a Halloween special. MNL48 fans got a chance to enjoy a live performance of Talulot ng Sakura and got a first look of their Oshi walk on stage in their angel and devil costumes. MNL48 Center Girl Sheki thanked their fans for attending Coslandia 2018 and shared that they hope to see them again next year.

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The event finished off with a performance of famous animated fantasy action series Fate and Rurouni Kenshin from Movie Stars Cafe dancers, and more hair-raising shows featuring well-known horror flicks such as The Nun, IT, and The Purge.


Coslandia 2018 wouldn’t be a success without the support from its fellow cosplay lovers Maxbox Gaming, Isaribi Japanese Restaurant, Everyst, Toycon 2018, Lemon Square, Citrus Zone, Luxurious Designs, Pun-taas, Jewel and Friends who all had their booth at Eton Centris Walk, and its official venue partner Movie Stars Café and Eton Centris Station.

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