11/21/2017 Lifetime partnership of Hallo Hallo Town, Bohol tourism office

Bohol Province is the newest addition to the growing partners of Hallo Hallo Town to showcase the serene beauty yet adventurous tourist destinations, and also experience historic culture, events, festivals, and ecotours.

Signed by Provincial Tourism Officer of the Province of Bohol Josephine R. Cabarrus last November 9, HHT is officially the web partner of the Bohol Tourism Office. This lifetime collaboration will help the province utilize HHT’s website to promote the Bohol tourism, hotels and resorts, restaurant, and its promos and activities to expand its reach among the increasing members of Hallhallo Inc.

Its tourism tagline “Behold Bohol”, which was launched earlier this year, is looking forward to attract more visitors as the partnership with HHT will help the tourism office to have a wider reach, especially to the Japanese market.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is assisting the Bohol in making it to be an eco-cultural tourist destination as one of its goals to further develop the province.

HHT proves to be the biggest indexing site in the Philippines as it continues to tie up with more local government units and provinces to help promote the rich history and diverse culture of the country.